What Can You Do to Prevent a Child from Drowning?


There is NO SUBSTITUTION for constant adult supervision. Always watch your child.

Pools and spas are attractive to children. A fence, wall, or other barrier should completely enclose your pool or spa. All gates or doors should have a spring lock, self-closing and self-latching that protects against entry and use. The latch should be above the reach of toddlers & young children.

Check all safety features regularly to make sure that they are functioning properly. Safety features must be in use at ALL times to be effective.

Alert maintenance people, utility personnel, and neighbors with pools to keep gates and doors closed and locked at all times. Keys should be out of reach of children.

Do not place objects like chairs or tables near the pool or spa fence that could allow a child to climb over. A clear view of the pool or spa from the house should be assured by removing vegetation or other obstacles. Trespassers or unexpected swimmers can be discovered by an occasional glance at the water area.

Make certain that all windows and doors leading from the house to the pool area are securely latched to prevent small children from getting to the pool.

A float line stretched across the pool indicating where the deep end begins can prevent a dangerous excursion by young children into water over their heads.






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Reaching and throwing aids should by kept at both sides of the pool. These items should remain stationary and not be misplaced by play activities.

Learn CPR! It could save your child's life. All child caretakers should know how to swim.

Pools and spas should never be used if any grate outlets are missing or broken.

If you use a pool or spa cover, carefully read and follow the manufacturer's directions for safe installation, use and maintenance. Always completely remove the cover before using your pool or spa, to avoid the possibility of anyone-especially a small child-being trapped and drowning under the cover. Drain any standing water from the surface of your pool or spa cover.

An infant or small child can drown in even the smallest amount of water. Be especially alert for the potential for drowning accidents if you use any of the lightweight floating pool or spa covers. These covers are not solid and no one should crawl or walk on them. They are for safety!

Consider your pool, spa, or hot tub like any hazard, such as burns, poisons, or a busy street. It could be a threat to your child's life!

Educate parents & children in your neighborhood on the hazards of drowning. Support legislation for perimeter fencing and safety covers.

Editorial material provided by the Drowning Prevention Foundation Alamo California & the National Swimming Pool Safety Committee.