Four Credentials to help you decide to make your pool safer!

Largest satisfied customer base:

More than 3000 Kiddy Katcha pool safety nets have been installed in Southern California since 1986. We monitor our records consistently, to provide additional safety. Our most valuable, comprehensive reference list speaks for itself.

Impeccable safety record:

No drowning, near drowning, or an accident of any kind has been reported where a Kiddy Katcha had been installed. To the best of our knowledge, no fatality has been recorded anywhere. Statisitcs with fences covers, alarms etc are available.

Highly recommended by Pool Builders and Pool Services:

In earlier days, the pool industry showed mixed reaction. Some pool builders, sometimes tried to avoid the subject of safety. But prospective customers became increasingly more alarmed about the safety of their homes. Pool service people have shown more favorable response toward Kiddy Katcha. Pool man drive around with bumper sticker that read "Save a child's life, close the pool gate."  Still, some service people were initially reluctant to cope with extra work, until they realized, how easy it was, that it takes them on average no more than five extra minutes. We are part of the professional pool industry. In all fairness, we have seen many products on the market, that did not withstand the test of time over the last twenty years. Kiddy Katcha has proven itself. People behind it are backing it up and thousands of satisfied customers are testifying.

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Has not failed any inspection or code:

More than twelve years ago, the National Consumer Safety Council had been supplied with 200 customer names, as per request. No complaints have been found. Kiddy Katcha has been well received by foster homes, child care centers and even an old age nursing home. It has been accepted on various requests for permits and approved after safety inspections, in a variety of different Cities in the State of California.

Oldest genuine written references available:

Over a period of twelve years, very few complaint has been received, with regards to safety. All complaints has been resolved immediately. We would like to encourage you to check with some of our cutomer references. Misunderstandings can be avoided, when both members of the household are involved, evaluating all the benefits of the different Kiddy Katcha systems, before making the final decision.