Expo Productions is ready to produce an Expo at Your Mall !
You may want to discover the benefits of an Expo Productions event.

Did you know mall expos attract a buying audience...

- Many attendees who make a purchase at a expo can bring in more sales to your company in 3 days than many businesses see in 3 months.
-Success of any exhibition undoubtedly depends on the venue where it is held. The exhibition area of the rented venues Expo Productions allows you to meet your customers at the most voluble areas.

Did you know that a mall expo is
unique in that...

- you can put your product / service directly in the hand's of your customers so, they can touch it, feel it, see it and learn about it.
- you will get more immediate feedback from customers vs. any other form of advertising.
- you will be able to bring customers into your environment created especially for selling.
Did you know that a mall expo can benefit you by...

- Producing an immediate long term sale.
- Generating an image for your company.
- Helping you introduce new products and services.
Mall expos out produce most
advertising because...

- Mall expos include, sight, touch and tell.
- Mall expos reach a target audience and attract new customers to you.
- Mall expo results are visible and immediate.
Expo Productions provides business of all sizes an innovative marketing tool at an affordable rate.
And Expo Productions can increase your business sales, name recognition, and product awareness.

Expo Productions supplies the exhibitors with eight foot tables, draped with colorful linen, chairs, 4 color signs with your company name on it. The exhibitor supplies the rest (business cards, brochures, photos, actual product line, etc.).
Electrical power is available to exhibitors,"some restrictions apply."

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