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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Will EXPO PRODUCTIONS only do mall shows?

A. EXPO PRODUCTIONS primarily specializes in mall expos; however EXPO PRODUCTIONS can also produce large 250 + booth convention center shows.

Q. What type of theme expos do you normally include?

A. We produce many different theme expos, Such as; Beauty, Fitness and Spa Expo; Bridal and Groom Expo; Family Lifestyles and Wellness Expo; Home and Garden Expo; New Automobile and Accessory Expo; OC In Motion; Plants and Silk Plants Expo; Senior Lifestyles and Wellness Expo; and Teen Expo. Mall merchants appreciate a large-scale event because it draws patrons to visit and revisit the mall.

Q. Do you have any special entertainment classes or seminars?

A. Depending on the space availability, we often add a seminar, classes, or a musical presentation to the event. On occasion, we will partner with companies such as large home improvement stores, local radio and TV stations to add an entertainment component to the event.

Q. How long do your expos run?

A. Usually, an expo will run Fri-Sun (mall hours). Set-up is either Thursday night at 9:00 pm, or Friday morning at 8:30 am. Teardown will begin after the mall closes on Sunday. All exhibitors sign a form agreeing to all mall rules and regulations.

Q. Do you have an expo manager on site during the entire event, and do you provide tables and chairs?

A. EXPO PRODUCTIONS provides an event manager on-site at all times; and additional staff during setup We provide the tables, chairs, clean linens, signpost and signs with the exhibitors; company names on it.

Q. Can an exhibitor offers giveaways and promotional literature?

A. Yes, however, any prizes or offers must be approved and sanctioned by the mall management. All promotional literature must be directed to establishing exhibitor's leads and future follow-ups. EXPO PRODUCTIONS offers a $500 mall gift certificate to a participant's name drawn at the end of each expo schedule.

Q. Can an exhibitor offer giveaways and promotional literature?

A. Any prizes or offers must be approve and sanctioned by the responsibility to submit proof of the winning name to the mall management. All promotional literature must be directed to establishing exhibitors leads and future follow ups. There is no direct selling or exchange of money at the mall expo. EXPO PRODUCTIONS offers a drawing to the participant's name drawn at the end of each expo.


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